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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Readers Recommendation

Readers Recommendation.....
This is an opportunity for kids to tell the class what book(s) they find to be a great read. Here is what some kids chose for books and why they recommended the book.

Max - We live Here
"This teaches you about what they do in different places. It compares country life to city life."

Bodhi - I Eat a Rainbow
"This book teaches me how the rainbow goes to eat."

Ryan - The Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog
"This book is so funny. It is also easy to read. I know a lot of words and I can read really well."

Molly - The Pigeon Needs A Bath
"I like when the Pigeon says 'I don't really need a bath!' The Pigeon is really really funny."

Savi - That Is Not A Good Idea
"I like this book because it makes me laugh."

Kam - The Duckling Finds A Cookie
"I like this page because he is crying and can't get what he wants. I also like chocolate chip cookies."

Ryder - Don't Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus
"I really like all the pages and my most favorite is when the Pigeon is yelling."

Fiona - The Pigeon Needs A Bath 
"I like this book because the bus driver says the Pigeon needs a bath. I like the illustrations."

Mazie - Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs
"I like when she tastes the chocolate. I also like the original book of Goldilocks."

Eva - Knuffle Bunny Two
"I like this book because the character makes friends in it."

Azza - Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs
"I like this book because the Dinosaurs hide in the woods. I like books that make me laugh."

Books We Read Aloud today........

The Duckling Gets a Cookie by Mo Willems

Harry and the Neighbor Next Door by Gene Zion

Earl - told us about his new kindle. The last one he fell down the stairs and got a fat lip and the kindle broke. It still worked a little, but didn't work that well.

 Fiona - Mazie gave me a wand for my birthday that was a butterfly that sparkled and had real jewels on it.

Bodhi- Shared a picture she made with a dog and cats.

Today was the last day we got to have time with our 3rd/4th grade buddies in Heidi Hill's class. Its been a great year getting to know each other. Thanks for the good memories. Here are a few shots of some buddy fun. Til next year....

Monday, June 12, 2017

Readers Recommendation

Reader's Theater Video.....
For those of you who were not able to come to the Readers' Theater, we did get the chance to record them all. Below is the link. I hope you can all view it.

If you can't click on the link below, copy this link and put it into your web browser.

Readers Recommendation.....
 Maddie recommended That is Not a Good Idea by Mo Willems. She likes that it has a surprise and its easy for her to read.
 Eli recommended What Did One Elephant Say to the Other? By Rebecca Baines.
Earl recommended Tip and Kip. He likes this book because it is easy to read and he likes animals.

    We played Math Memory Match game!  We matched the numbers 10-20 with pictures of dots that equaled the number.  It was a tricky game!

Books Read Aloud....

Diary of A Worm By Doreen Cronin


FIELD TRIP MONEY IS DUE!!! We are headed to ECHO on Wednesday. Please send in money($11) for your child if you haven't. Also don't forget to pack your child a bagged lunch for that day.

Readers' Theater...
Thank you all who were able to come to the Readers' Theater performances on Thursday and Friday. All the kids had a great time working up to the day to perform their parts, and rocked it!

Trip to the Library...
We took a walk to the Warren Public Library on Friday. Marie the librarian taught us a little about the summer reading program. She also had a book to read to us, which happened to be Mo Willems Presents, That Is NOT A Good Idea. Turns out we did a read aloud with Marie, since it is a book we know so well and just had our own Readers' Theater for this book. We got to explore the library a bit. Lots of playing. Have you been to the library with your child? If not, you should definately try to, "That Would Be A GREAT Idea."

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cootie Catchers?


Fiona - 


Making Fortune Tellers (a.k.a.:Cootie Catchers, I thought Beth was kidding, had to look it up!), hasn't been this much fun since I was in elementary school. Thanks West for bringing this back into my life. Throw back for me, but totally on schedule for these guys. Loving the fortunes! Hope you do at home too.

Our last Science unit is about coding.We have been going to the library to learn about how coding works.

Save the Tigers....
Some kids from the second grade class came in to talk about a project they are working on. They are raising money to help the tigers. Kids can support this cause on Monday. Second graders will be at lunch selling treats if anyone is interested in purchasing some.