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Friday, May 26, 2017

Respect, Lice and Bones...Oh my!!!

Morning Meeting.....
We discussed about what it means to be Respectful and to Do Your Job. Principal Beth has asked that we think about what it means to be respectful and to do your job. This was also emphasized in the school bulletin.
Some ideas that kids had were,
West- "Saying something not nice is not respectful."
Mazie -"If a teacher asked you to wash the lunch table, you should just do it."
Eva -"Listen to the teachers."
Max-"Do your work."

Kamden - Showed us his cool fidget spinner he got at this moms work.

Max - "Um, next weeks Wednesday, I'm going to go with my Nana and sister to Wal-Mart and she might be able to get me a Auto Octavius. This one is green and silver and yellow."

 Mazie brought in a Starfish that she got from her grandparents.

 Maddie brought in her toy dog Georgie. Georgie can bark, sit and go to sleep. 

Ryder brought in his semi truck and his match box cars. Then he shared with all the kids during free choice time. What a hit his sharing was today!

Free choice/Recess.....

McCartney made a cool building with the light blocks during free choice.

It never gets old to climb up the space net!

West and Ethan made some Origami jumping frogs.

Fiona is an amazing hula hooper! Not only did she hula with one but she did with two hula hoops!

 Earl was cruizin' on the stilt cups.

Willis zoomed a scooter!

West, Max, Ryder and Beth were throwing a football.

Health Class with Deirdre........

Deirdre came in to talk about Lice today. This week all kids in the K class were checked for lice. What is lice?  They are little bugs that live in your hair. One lice is called a Louse. What is a lice egg called? A nit. Deirdre passed around cards with lice and nits and magnifying glasses so kids could look carefully at what they look like.  An adult louse can lay up to 8-10 eggs a day. Then there are many stages from nit to adulthood
How do we get lice?  Lice do not jump, do not fly, do not swim. They crawl from head to head. Sharing hats. Hugging. Reading with heads together. Those are just a few ways we can get lice. Lice can only live up to 2 days with out a host/someones head. They survive on the human blood in your scalp. Lice do not care if you hair is super clean or really dirty. They don't care if your hair is knotty or combed nicely. Lice need your hair to grab hold of and to lay their eggs on the hair shafts. 

-What do you call a louse egg?  A nit.
-Do lice spread diseases?  NO. They are just a nuisance. 
-Do lice have wings? No, they have six legs and use their claw like legs to move around.
-Who gets lice? Anybody.

We all talk about sharing with our friends, but Deirdre shared with us a great saying...
"In my mouth or in my hair, these are things I never share!"

Deirdre read a great book about lice called, Yikes, Lice! by Donna Caffey.

Today we had more time working with our bones, hand bones. We had a great experiment where we taped our fingers on one hand to make only 3 fingers. Then with our other hand behind our back, we were timed to put pegs into a peg board. The idea is that you are not able to bend your fingers. Which makes it hard to use your fingers and complete a task. After they tried to race the timer and put the pegs in the peg board, they did it without the tape and compared the differences. 

We had some question and answer time (as Scientists do), after we did the experiment. The big question was, "what did you discover as Scientists?"
A few Answers:
Eli - "it was harder taped up because we only had three fingers and they were harder to move."
Ryan -"It went well when I wasn't taped."
Ethan -"It was easier without tape."
Molly-"It was easier without tape, I could bend my fingers."
Grady - "This was a fun experiment. Thank you!"

We have discovered that we definitely need all the bones in our hands to make them work better.

Snacks, Snacks, we always need snacks. If you can provide some we greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

Have a restful and enjoyable long weekend! 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Morning Activities.....

Morning meeting and sharing....

 Ryan shared his blue crystal.

Eva shared her special phone that plays music, she got it for Christmas.

Eli brought in his Hex-bug. Do you know what a Hex-bug is?
Connie was in the dark about this toy, so Eli showed us how it worked.
Thanks Eli, I am now informed about yet another bug!

Willis talked about a conversation he had with his grandmother about a squirrel that can be bigger than his cat. Wonder what kind of squirrel it could be?

Savi shared a special rock that was smooth and shinny.

Books read to us today.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Morning Activities....
Kindergarten Scientists discovering bones! Skulls! Oh my!

Coloring. Very calming.  

Go Fish! A classic, you can't go wrong with.

Morning Meeting......

Today when the kids came into class they had to write their name on a sticky note at the chart. We played a new game where the sticky notes became "balls of hail." The balls of hail were thrown in the air and once they landed, each kid picked a ball of hail, read the name on the sticky note hail, then went to that kid and said "Good morning." 

Bodhi - Showed us her special music toy that she got when she went for a chinese dinner. 
Fiona - Shared about her special bracelets she got for her birthday.

Earl - Showed us how he learned how to braid some string together at after school.

Free choice.....

Language Arts..... We continue to work on learning our digraphs. We say the name of the digraph, the picture clue and the sound the digraph makes. We are also practicing our lines for our Readers Theater play. Today one of our groups had the chance to present to Elizabeth's 5th and 6th grade class today. What a great job they did, performing in front of the big kids. Nice job!

Math.....   In math we are working on writing the teen numbers.  We counted ducks and fish and wrote the numbers to match the amount.  We have also been practicing counting backwards from 20 to 0!

Books we read today.....

 The Three Little Pigs by Gavin Bishop

Rotten Ralph by Jack Gantos