Monday, November 20, 2017

Morning Meeting...
We have someone new in the class. She was with this class a couple years ago, but moved for a while. Now she is back and  we welcome Lenora back to Warren School! So great to see her again.

What's the news?
Skyler "I went to Baden's birthday party but it was a real long drive for nothing. But I'm glad I invited him over for a play date."
Zoe "I got to go on my dads tractor and plow the fields."
River "Tomorrow I'm not going to be in school cause I'll be at my cousins."
Thayer "I went skiing at Sugarbush."
Narumi "I stayed home."
Ashlyn "I went grocery shopping with my dad."
Baden "I went to Jay Peak."
Sedsel "I went to a big concert with lots of musicians with lots of music and big puppets and there were some boys and girls singing. And I went with my brother and his mom."
Jack "I was getting cows in and there were two groups and we were going to get horses in. We were taking a 1/2 hour and they left and we couldn't do it."
Stella "I woke up in the middle of the night."
Lenora "I moved back to Vermont."
Luca "I played with Skyler two days in a row.
Willow "I woke up in the middle of the night."
Ethan "A long time ago me and my mom and my sister went somewhere and I brought my wallet but my sister was nice enough to buy for us smoothies."
Sailor "I got some wood."
Nora "I'll be tomorrow because I am going to one of my grandmas to have Thanksgiving."
Taber "Me and Jack got to hang out this weekend."
Beth "I cleaned my house because my mom and dad are coming to my house."
Connie "I went skiing up at Sugarbush on Saturday."

In math today we played "What's Missing/"  Kids played with a partner and the number cards 0 thru 10.  One partner would close their eyes and the other partner would hide a number behind their back.  The first partner would open their eyes and figure out which number was missing.  Then they would switch jobs.  It was fun and tricky!  

Language Arts....
New letter today..."Jj". We reviewed all the letters, we are getting closer and closer to knowing all the letters in the alphabet. Objects that start with the letter Jj; Jello, jar, jewlery, jaguar. Ask your kiddo what are some words or objects that start with the letter J.

Many of our friends have been coming in to share something. We will be having an organized day for your child to share. Please keep that day in mind for your child and help them understand the day they can share. While sharing toys is lots of fun, we really want kids to come in sharing things of intrest, not the "toy" that they got for a birthday present. Things that are different like something from nature, a quick story about something your child did(they don't have to bring something in, a photo of something, etc.) Below is a schedule of what with your child's share day is:

Sharing/Show and Tell Schedule....
Monday: Nora, River, Ethan, Else
Tuesday: Stella, Luca, Sailor, Zoe
Wednesday: Baden, Skyler, Taber, Willow
Thursday: Sedsel, Jack, Narumi
Friday: Ashyln, Thayer, Lenora

A Message from the Art Teacher....
Kindergarten COLOR Day! As we travel through the rainbow of colors and begin our exploration of PRIMARY COLORS in ART CLASS, students are invited to have fun wearing the color we are celebrating on Monday, our day of Art.
The next color day is Monday, November 27th, color to wear if you want to participate is YELLOW!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Engineering a Paint Brush

Morning Activities.....
                                   Pop a letter and figure out what word begins with that letter. 

                                   Coloring pages about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower.

Morning Meeting....
Pete the Cat the First Thanksgiving  by Kimberly and James Dean. A Pete the Cat version of the first Thanksgiving. It doesn't get any groovier than Pete telling the story of the Pilgrims.
I am thankful for .....
Taber "my parents." 
Else "the world"
Narum "my baby and this life."
Luca "my dog."
Nora "A lot of this land."
Ethan "my family."
Thayer "my new jewlrey box."
Jack "for living on the farm."
Sedsel "my new dress and my new coat and hat and my mask and my doggy."
River "my family in the world."
Skyler "that I didn't forget my money so I can buy a book."
Zoe "the world is still alive."
Ashlyn "my mommy and sisters and daddy and grandma and Tom."
Baden "for my family and the water so he can swim."
Willow "my cats and mommy."
Stella "for my kitten and my mommy."
Sailor "the library."
Connie "my family.
Beth "my family and my Kindergarten family."

Math ......

White board time, we have a chance to draw pictures before we do some math and these boys collaborated to make a big long picture with their white boards. Can you guess what they made?
Taber "I'm made a huge ocean."
Skyler "I got the bottom done. Oh that will make it longer."
Baden "we need an eye."
Skyler "wait lets make a shark.
Taber "That's like a place they can breathe."
Luca "Here's another board. Another board. I have another board."
Taber  "My guy will be a fin like right here. You color in my line."
Sky "That's not connected, yeah we have to use blue if its a shark."
Jack "No Taber, not all of these." 
They made a shark using many white boards. They erased it too quickly to get a picture.

We played a dice game where we roll two dice and then add one more and write that number on our white boards Once you've done it 4 times and have written the numbers correctly you get a sticker. s
Language Arts.....
We started off by settling in with a book, I'm A Turkey  by Jim Arnosky.

Today's super duper fun activity was all about making human letters! Check these out....
Thayer and Ethan make the letter "U".

 Taber, Else and Narumi make the letter "O".

Skyler and River make the letter "S"

 Jack and Sedsel make the letter "P".
 River and Skyler make the letter "T".
 Sailor and Stella make the letter "R".

Zoe and Ashlyn make the letter "A".

 Three person "A".

 Sailor and Stella make the letter "M".

 Ethan and Thayer make a 'waving M'.

 Sedsel and Jack make the letter "D".

Zoe and Ashlyn make the letter "D".

Else brought in a meteor. It  is something that fell from the sky. It is special to me."
She walked around and showed it to friends.

Luca "were you there when it was falling?"
Else "NO." 
Thayer "Where did you get it?"
Else "My daddy did it."
Willow "That's cool."
Ethan "Do you know what it is called?" what does it feel like?"
Else "It's a meteor. It feels like metal."
Taber "Where did you r dad find it? In the woods or at a store?"
Else "I don't know I think it was in the woods."
River "Was it by your house?"
Else "I don't know."
Zoe "It looks like it is sharp on the ends. Is it sharp?"
Else "Kind of."
Luca "It looks like a magnet.
Else "I know."

Science ......
Today we engineered our own paint brushes.  We looked at a few different paint brushes to see what types there are. Skinny ones, wide ones, etc. Every thing in the world not in nature was made by a person. Beth held up many objects to determine what was made by a person, and what was made by nature. Then we talked about paint brushes that have already been invented. They all have a place to hold and a place to paint. We were provided many materials to make a paintbrush. Paint, pipe cleaners, popcycle sticks, tape, glue, toothpicks. pom poms and feathers.

The materials.....lots of thinking!

The designs!!!!!

The Test.....

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Who are the Pilgrims?

We took a trip to the book fair and found so many great books. Your child has a wish list with ideas of some books they would like to buy. This is a discussion for you and your child. If you send in money with them to buy something, we will find a good time during the day to bring them back to the fair so they can buy something. You are more than welcome to come with your child to the book fair if you would like. It will be going on until Monday the 20th.

Morning Activities...
 These guys love to color!


Lexia is always a popular activity for these youngsters. This program is a fun interactive program supporting what is taught in the classroom. Students work independently at their own pace through individualized learning paths to develop fundamental reading skills in a structure, sequential manner. Teachers are notified when students require support or intervention and are provided with the resources for face-to-face instruction.

Morning Meeting.....a little history too!
Stop counting, we count the days we have been in school, but if Beth stops, you stop! Then you start again. Getting the brain use to counting from an number is tricky, but we are making great progress.
Our chart was missing words and the kids know that they can fill in the missing words. Today the missing word was "is" that will be something that we work on through the rest of the school year. Question today is "Do you know who the Pilgrims are?" We will be talking over the next few days up to break who the Pilgrims are and what they have to do with our up coming holiday.
Baden "villagers" "they go fishing."
Skyler "sold sailboats"
Luca "ride on boats and make new states."
Ethan "people"
 We sang a song, that gave a few more clues...

Zoe "they are eaters" "they celebrate Thanksgiving.'
River "they eat pumpkin pie"
Ethan "they have thanksgiving'
Else "say what they are thankful for "
Nora "they thank God."
Jack "they eat turkey"
Baden "they hunt for food for Thanksgiving."

Beth talked more about the Pilgrims. Pilgrims did go on a boat and hunt for their food for Thanksgiving and did thank God.
They were alive a long long time ago.
They came here on a ship called the Mayflower.
Baden "They ride on boats so they can hunt for food and live on other places."
They sailed to Cape Cod. They made friends with Squanto and lots of Indians.
Zoe "They sailed for food and water."
Ethan "Why did they make friends, Indians are mean."
Baden "They hunt and fish for, is there a group of people and they crash."
Jack "they came here to make friends."
Taber "does it mean there are some skulls are under this building?"

Then we read the story The First Thanksgiving by Linda Hayward.

The Pilgrims were the first to land here and who started our well know tradition, holiday, Thanksgiving.

Language Arts....
Letter Pp came to play today! We reviewed all of our letters we have learned so far and added the letter P. Then we reviewed many objects that started with the letter P.
Pan, paper plate, puppet, parrot, penguin, pen, pipe cleaner, puzzle piece, paper towel, pin, penny, paper clip, pits plane, pencil, popcycle stick, purse, paint.

Free Choice.....

        Working with letters in shaving cream!            Playing with legos and building great creations.
Playing house.

                                                      Making books and coloring pages.

Looking at books that some bought at the book fair.