Class Schedule

Monday, September 25, 2017

We're Back in our classroom

WE'RE BACK!!!! Rocking school in our awesome classroom. So great to have all of our things to play with and learn with and have all of our options AND the playground.

REMINDER..... each morning we ask the kids if they are having their own lunch from home or if they want the school lunch. We don't have time to look in everyone's bags to find out what they are having. Please, please, please, remind your child what they are doing for lunch (and after school).  The lunch count is especially important because our lunches are being made off sight, at Harwood, due to our lack of kitchen use at the Warren School. Thank you so much for helping out with this.

Morning activities....

We reviewed the calendar this morning. We noticed the days of the week. What month it is. Counted the numbers we have been through this month and we noticed a pattern too. We read the chart and recognized that there were capital letters at the beginning of sentences and periods at the end of sentences. Then we did a "Sunrise, sunset" activity. We all start out squatting on the floor and we start counting 1, 2, 3, ...10! And spread our arms out wide like the sun has risen. Then from that place we count backwards, 10, 9, 8...1 the sun has set, and we are squatting back down. We did it together as a whole class then kids had a chance to do it by themselves. 

Here are a couple pictures from recess. Lots of fun by all. 

We had lots of fun with math today.  After our sunrise and sunset activity we got cubes and dice and rolled the dice and added that many cubes to our chart.  After 5 different rolls we asked the kids what was their largest roll, what was their least amount and then we asked them to find a number of cubes on their board, for example find your set of 5 cubes.

We read a Dr Seuss book The Berenstian's B Book . Lots of rhyming with B. We then reviewed the letters Tt, Ff, Bb and brought in a new letter Mm. Then we looked at many objects that all started with the letter M, ie..: Magnet, map, money, motorcycle, matchbox, marker, etc.  We also read a book, ABC A New Way of Seeing, which was pictures made of real objects into letters of the alphabet.  

This Is the Way We Go to School by Edith Baer

Friday, September 22, 2017

Caza de Insectos!

Morning greeting started off with a high 5 to our friend next to us and saying "Good Morning (name of friend)".  We read Crictor the Boa Constrictor by Tomi Ungerer. Crictor is a snake that can make letters and numbers. He's a good friend. And he is very helpful, especially when burglars come around. We made predictions along the way about what we thought might happen next.

We played the matching game again. We are really doing great with our colors and recognizing the shapes.  We also worked on the white boards, recognizing numbers and learning to write them the correct way.

LANGUAGE ARTS....Letters with ECHO
We reviewed our letters Bb, Tt, Ff with ECHO. We are working on recognizing the name of the letter, what the picture clue is as well as how to say the sound of the letter correctly.

We wrote a whole class thank you note to Sugarbush for the use of the buildings. Each of the kids gave ideas and we wrote the top favorite thoughts and we all signed it.

Recess/Free Choice......
Rolling down the hill. Doesn't get much better than that when you're
in Kindergarten. 

Duck Duck Goose!

 Nora found a caterpillar, she was very excited about it. (It's sitting next to her on the rock.) :-)

Sedsel found a woolly bear caterpillar. Teeny tiny!

SPANISH with Josh...
This class is loving their time with Josh learning Spanish. They are singing many interactive songs in Spanish class. They were also learning colors in Spanish and recognizing the color that Josh said on their clothes. 

Then we went on a "caza de insectos!"(Bug Hunt) for the end of the day activity. We all had a jar and went outside ran around finding insects.
We learned that a lot of bugs have wings. These bugs all had legs. Some were "jumpy legs!" Many of us were able to count how many legs there were on their bugs.  Some had 4 some had 6. We looked really hard to find  out if our bugs had antennes. We collected bees, Japanese beetles, crickets. 

We're going on a hunt, catching bugs of different kinds. 

 Catching bees and crickets and grasshoppers.

Full Disclosure: No insects, bugs or humans were stomped on, quashed or pulled apart in any way. All were returned to their original habitat. 

SNACK is needed for our Kindergarten friends. Please if you can, send in snacks of any kind ie: goldfish, pretzels, crackers, granola bars. We appreciate anything you can do. They are hungry littles, and we want to nourish them as best we can. Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend! 
Enjoy this weather. We will see you all back at school on our stomping grounds. One last thought, now that we will be back at school we do not need kids to bring in toys or stuffed animals.  Thanks!  

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Morning Meeting....
We started off reading the chart, recognizing the number of words in each sentence, helping to read each sentence, and read the numbers in our activity portion of the chart.

We then did a matching of shapes activity. Beth handed out half of a shape to each kid and at the sound of the bell they walked around to meet their friends who had the matching half. They have to identify the color and the shape as well as greeting their partner.

Skyler and Ashlyn have the pink heart.

 Zoe and Sedsel have the green oval.

 Else and Stella have the purple rhombus.
Taber and Sailor have the yellow circle.

Nora and Jack, Willow and Narumi found their matches.

We worked on number recognition and writing our numbers.  Then we had white boards and practiced writing numbers.


Most of the class during free choice made a unifix cube train the length of the classroom and used all of the cubes. Then they all laid down next to the cubes to show how long it was. (I couldn't fit all of it in one picture. This shows only 2/3 of the whole length.

Why do we learn letters?
To help us with reading, know the sound, how to write it and how to write the letters and words.
We read the story Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw
If we heard a rhyme in the story we gave a thumbs up. They were all getting the hang of it quickly and picking up on the rhyming words. 
We worked more on the letter Bb and practiced in our handwriting books how to write the letter Bb.

This week we have talked about what makes a sentence. During morning meeting we notice that there is more than one word, the beginning starts with a Upper Case letter and there is a period at the end. Today the class had a chance to tell us a sentence and Beth and Connie wrote the sentence for them. Then they all went off on their own and made a picture that went along with their sentence. Lots of very enthusiastic writers and great illustrators.

Narumi and Ethan doing their writing page. Adding a picture to their sentence.

The rest of the class working hard on their writing pages.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Happy Wednesday

P.E. CLASS with Ross yesterday.

Adventures with Ross in the woods.
Narumi - "We went into the teepees and played a game. We all hide and Ross counts to 10 and then you peek out of the teepee and hope Ross doesn't see you."
Ashlyn -"I loved when I was hiding behind a tree. And then we got to make animal sounds. And mine was a Unicorn."
Zoe - "I liked seeing the teepees."
Skyler - "I liked playing hide and seek."
Jack - "We playing hide and seek game. I hide behind trees."

Morning Meeting

We practiced counting up and counting down and we are starting to learn how to write our numbers.

Willow, Narumi and Jack working hard on their numbers. 

We reviewed our letters Bb, Tt, Ff. We echoed what was said. Then Echo shared a story, which we needed to listen to and answered questions about. Great comprehensions skills being used. 

Yesterday we took a whole school picture of all the kids and staff with their tie died t-shirts. Before we did that our friend Jen Boland took a quick pic of us as a class. We sure did have a good time making our t-shirts, thanks to our Warren PTO. 

Bugs, Bugs, Bug Galore!

Thayer continues to be creative with her pug creations.

 We all colored a stained glass looking picture that we hang up in the windows and the colors really shine through. Of course they are all about bugs!

The final products.....