Class Schedule

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kid Royal Readers

PLEASE REMEMBER..... We are going to the Flynn to see Pete the Cat on Tuesday! Please send in $8.50 with your child if you haven't already. As well as a cold lunch. Thank you.

This week in math class we practiced oral counting.  Kids came up to the front of the room and became the counting leaders.  We counted to 100 by 1's and by 10's.  Then we counted backwards from 20 to 1 and we counted from 13-21, from 89-100 and from 60-80.  After all that counting Beth showed the kids a cup that had "space rocks" in it.  There were 8 space rocks and we made all the number sentences that we could think of about the number 8, like 5+3=8 and 7+1=8.  We also introduced subtraction.  We sang and acted out "Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed" and we read about Pete the Cat and his disappearing cupcakes.  Then we tried some subtraction on our white boards.  

In Language Arts we continue with our rhyming pictures. Everyone gets a picture card, then they have to figure out which picture rhymes with their picture. ie: hop/mop, mouse/house, sun/run, slide/hide, cook/hook.  Each student gets a chance to go to the front of the class and share their rhyming cards. 

A few books we have read the past couple days......

Fox and His Friends by Edward Marshall

The Seven Silly Eaters by Marla Frazee

In preparation for our field trip on Tuesday, we have been reading some of Pete the Cat books.
 by Kimberly and James Dean

Kid Royal Reader....was based on the story of The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! by Mo Willems. 
We have been working on our own Pigeon books. Today we started to share our books with the class. There was lots of detailed pictures and great writing. Many proud kids as they read their books out loud.

Free choice fun!!!!
Grady - "Connie look! I'm in my boat, a row boat."
Connie - "Cool Grady! Where are you going in your row boat."
Grady - "We are going on a fishing trip."

Morning meeting chart....we have been revisiting all of our good manners. Talking about what makes a good friend. Being a good listener. Taking Turns. Being kind and nice. Being a helpful friend. 

Monday, March 20, 2017


REMINDER......we are going to the Flynn Theater for a special show of Pete the Cat on March 28th. Please send in your $8.50 for your child to go. Also, please pack your child a cold lunch. Thank You!

Special guest, Tammy the tooth fairy, aka dental hygienist, came to visit our class on Friday last week. She read us a book and talked to us about proper care of our teeth and gums.

Tammy showed us how to use our tooth brushes. 

 Grady and Willis explore a set of teeth and find which ones are bad teeth. 

 McCartney practicing brushing teeth on this wild horse!

Ryder and Earl practicing brushing the dinosaurs teeth.

Sharing time!!!!!
 McCartney shares her special rock.

 Dahlia shares about a pinecone and a bracelet.

 West shares his writing journal. 

 Grady shares his very mini mini lego guitar.

In Language Arts we have been taking turns being the teacher! Everyone gets a chance to come out and point to a letter, say the letter and its sound, then the class echo's it back.

Kathy wrote sentences on the dry erase board. Each student had a word at their seat, then, they had to listen for the word they had and if it was in the sentence, match their word to it.
 Ryan matching his word to a sentence with Kathy.

Ryder sharing his word that was in a sentence.

Kamden sharing his word "and" that he heard in one of the sentences. 

Small group working hard on being the Author and Illustrator of their own books. 

Every Monday we go to Computer Lab! All of the kids have a chance to work at their own level on Lexia, each week they are improving. So great to see the changes since the beginning of the year. 

Willis - "Connie, its trying to teach me non-sense words.
That is not what I am trying to learn. But it's kinda funny!"

Thursday, March 16, 2017


We are closing in on Parent/Teacher Conferences. 
PLEASE contact Beth to schedule your appointment if you haven't already. 

In Language Arts we are working on our second book that each of us are writing and illustrating. In another week or so, we will have kids be the "Royal Reader".  We are working on writing sentences on our own by sounding out our words. We are also working on putting details into the pictures to help tell what the written part of the story is all about. We also continue to work on our sight words and reading in small group or one on one with the teacher. 

In math we are working on learning to write number sentences. We are listening to stories like "the squirrel hid three nuts in the tree and buried four nuts in the ground. How many nuts are there all together."  Kids then have to write out what the number sentence looks like on their white boards, 3+4=7.  They can also make pictures to go along with their number sentence to help them solve the problem.  We are also continuing practicing counting to 100 and writing and reading the teen numbers.

Mazie made a beautiful piece of art with pattern blocks.

We have a field trip to the Flynn Theatre to see a show about Pete the Cat!  We will be leaving school at 7:50 on March 23th.  Kids need to bring a cold lunch that day that is easy to eat picnic style and that has no nuts.  A note went home today in the kids folders with more information about this fun trip!  

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sharing, Mail and Reminders

McCartney sharing about her camera

 West sharing his 
Dahlia sharing her special rocks and shark teeth, which she gave one to each kid in the class.
Thank you Dahlia!

Mazie sharing one of her special books about puppies.

 Ryder sharing his Transformer trading cards. 

 Evan sharing his Ninja Turtle.

During meeting time we played a word matching game. 


We had many letters that friends made for each other and were mailed in our special mail box. Beth handed out many many letters to very happy kids! Great job everyone for writing letters to each other. Keep up the good hand writing. 

We will be going to see Pete the Cat on March 28th. Stay tuned for more details to come.
Parent Conferences are coming up.  March 20-23rd. Make sure you are signed up!

NO NUTS of any kind allowed in the classroom please.