Thursday, November 15, 2018

We are the Teachers!!

Morning meeting.... We are all going to be taking turns doing  Number Corner and teaching the class what we know about the calendar. 

Math.... making a butterfly using pattern block shapes and identifying how many of each shape we used, how many shapes total we used.

Jonathan (Connie's son) joined us for the day and helped many kids.
It was fun to have a big high school kid with us today.

Language Arts.... We are the teachers!!! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Morning Meeting....
We read our chart and discussed the question on the chart which was to choose one thing that you like to do in the snow. There was skiing, sledding or making a snowman. The one that won the most votes was sledding. We also reviewed our Number Corner. Boy-o-boy it seems complicated, but they sure are getting it.
Number Corner -  there is a lot going on here, but each day we look through and observe the changes. The calendar always changes. We have noticed that there are different ways to talk about the calendar. There is squares and cubes, circles and spheres, rectangle and cones. These shapes come in different forms. A dollar bill is the shape of a rectangle. A circle is the shape of a clock. A sphere is the shape of basketball. We also noticed that there is a pattern, white background, turquiose background, white, turqoise, etc. We count the number of days. We look at the days of the week, we even spell the month we are in. We have a jumping grasshopper that moves each day to a new number. This is the number of days we have been in school. We look at the number of days by 10s now as well since we have over 50 days. 

Shapes, shapes and more shapes. We have been learning about more shapes and different names for our shapes. We've been sorting them in many ways; shapes, color, hard shapes and soft shapes.

Looking at patterns....

Language Arts....
Letter P! Our new letter this week. We made the shape of P and went around and said what words start with P.